The Real Deal on Face Peels

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Published December 2015

by Katrina Rubin:

As the year comes to a close and the planned festivities and holiday parties fill your calendar, you are probably wondering how to get that perfect holiday glow.

Well, there is nothing better than getting an amazing facial treatment to bring you back to Zen, whisk away all your worries and leave your skin bright and fresh. Now, when I say, “bright,” I don’t mean red! That is not a hue that you want your face to be after a facial.

If redness does occur, it is probably because you have been duped into signing up for some type of deep chemical peel that has caused your skin to flare up, flake, peel and be downright uncomfortable. 

Did you ever think that your skin is trying to tell you something? Maybe it’s telling you to think twice before getting these invasive peels, which can dramatically thin your skin, leaving it way too vulnerable. 

As you have probably surmised, I am not a fan of such treatments since they tend to cause your skin to age by making it more susceptible to severe sun damage or dehydration, two conditions that will most certainly lead to more lines and discoloration. That is definitely not your goal… Am I right? 

So now you may be confused because all along, you have been told, or otherwise informed, that chemical peels are the best approach for challenged skin. In my opinion, if you truly want to protect, nourish and take extreme care to have strong, smooth, glowing and happy skin, then patience is your very best virtue. There is no quick fix. 

A steady and safer approach featuring comfortable and productive facials using the highest quality and most nourishing ingredients is the way to go.

As we bring out our cashmere, suede and jewel tones for the cooler months, you should also look to make some changes in your daily skin care routine. Adding a hydrating serum to use under your moisturizer and a nice finishing serum can be wonderful enhancements. 

Lavishing your face steadily with luxurious products, combined with your decision to refrain from peeling, will be the most effective way to get your very best look!

Beauty Pick of the Month:

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Estonian-born, Katrina Rubin was a much sought-after image consultant and makeup artist in her hometown. Upon moving to the U.S. in 1991, she furthered her studies by becoming an esthetician. Her reputation for quality treatments, products and results is paramount and the cornerstone for her success.