Sonoma Lavender - Lavender Spa Booties
Sonoma Lavender

Sonoma Lavender – Lavender Spa Booties


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Lavender Spa Booties

Lavender Spa Booties are made of extremely soft, warm fabric and contain removable, microwavable inserts for warming and soothing dry, cold and tired feet. The aroma therapeutic scent of lavender relax the muscles, mind and body for a spa-like experience. Just pop the inserts in the dryer or microwave for an aromatic, moist heat that will soothe the muscles and increase circulation. For extremely dry skin, lather feet in lotion prior to putting on your booties for deep moisturizing.

One size fits most!

*Warm our spa products in the microwave for heat therapy or freeze for cold therapy.

(Covers must be removed before heating/freezing or washing)