Biologique Recherche Creme MSR-H

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Biologique Recherche Creme MSR-H

(1.7 oz)


The unique combination of wild yam extracts, soy extracts, Shea Butter and beeswax with Biologique Recherche‘s exclusive oxygen carrier makes this one of their most powerful anti-aging creams.

It is excellent for women entering menopause (because they experience a loss of collagen causing skin to become thin, rough, dry and highly susceptible to wrinkles) by helping to compensate for hormonal imbalance and improve the appearance of skin.

* Recommended for mature, fine, fragile, sensitive, and stressed skin- skin that requires additional nourishment, attention and protection..


Wild yam extracts, soy extracts, shea butter and beeswax with Biologique Recherche’s exclusive oxygen carrier

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