Celebrity Skincare Treatments Now Available in Boca Raton

An internationally acclaimed skincare brand favored by the rich and famous is now available in Boca Raton.

Treatments using Biologique Recherche, the French skincare line used by the likes of Madonna, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt and the Olsen twins can be found at Katrinatique Face Spa which is about to open at 807 East Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, bringing over 19 years of skincare expertise and beauty consulting to the city.

Katrinatique is the only location in the area where Biologique Recherche’s top quality products and treatments are available. Their methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness. Their formulations feature no artificial fragrances amongst highly active ingredients that are comprised of a high concentration of botanical, marine and biological extracts. Biologique Recherche’s standard of excellence in terms of their products and service techniques has firmly established them as a cult favorite in the industry.

The brand was developed during the past thirty years by Yvan, Josette and Phillipe Allouche, combining the knowledge and passion of a biologist, physiotherapist and doctor for a truly unique and deliberate approach to skincare.

Renowned Aesthetician, Makeup Artist and Image Consultant, Katrina Rubin, Founder of Katrinatique, was instantly drawn to the Biologique Recherche philosophy. Since 2009, Katrina has both studied at their Institute in Paris and attended countless workshops in New York. She has performed countless Biologique Recherche facial treatments and facial remodeling (utilizing their high-tech, scientific equipment) throughout her long-term history with them.

Katrinatique will be offering a full menu of Biologique Recherche treatments as well as an extensive selection of their products for take home. Unlike the claims made by competitors using lesser quality products and standards, these treatments and related protocols will truly restore a youthful glow and hydrate, renew, protect and lift, depending on an individual’s needs.

Katrina stated: “Biologique Recherche facial treatments are designed for each client, focusing on the skin’s varying needs. Our skin changes several times in the course of our lifetime so continual assessment is critically important. At Katrinatique, we get to know our clients and personalize a customized beauty treatment program for each, tweaking it as necessary, over time.”

Other world class brands of skincare, cosmetics, hair products and fragrances may be found there as well, along with an array of unique gifts and gift baskets. For more information or to book your free consultation with Katrina, visit Katrinatique.com or call 954-752-4342.