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Matis Paris

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Matis Paris INTENSIVE RESPONSE  Repairing Eye Cream

* Les Yeux

(20 ml 0.7 fl oz.)

Specially designed for the extremely fragile eye contour, this global skincare product reduces the signs of aging and revives the epidermis. Its comprehensive formula, rich in anti-aging active ingredients, smoothes the features, helps to correct the effects of aging and to fight against free radicals. A response particularly tailored to mature skin that guarantees fast and lasting results.

* A specific cream for all types of mature skin, with a fine and comfortable texture, which is also suitable for even the most fragile eye contours.

* Wrinkles and fine lines fade away and the marks of tiredness are reduced. The eye contour is smoother and firmer, thereby improving make-up hold.

* An incredibly high-performance reparative peptide : to fight against the effects of the passing of time. This peptide, which is renowned for its effectiveness, has a reparative and corrective action on the aging process of the skin.

* A 'survival molecule' to place the skin under high protection: this active ingredient synthesized by a micro-organism originating from hydrothermal springs re-establishes effective inter cellular communication, thus boosting the skin's protective mechanisms.

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