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  • Facial Treatments & Services:

    We develop a customized beauty treatment program for each client by using the most advanced state of the art equipment, highest quality ingredients, combined with a highly educated, no-nonsense approach to skincare that is rejuvenating, result oriented as well as extremely enjoyable.

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    Complimentary Skin Analysis

    How can you solve your skin concerns when you might not fully understand them? That is why at Katrinatique, every treatment includes a personalized consultation, professional skin analysis and problem solving prescription.

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    Purifying & Balancing $120 (60 min) $165 (90 min)

    An in-depth cleansing treatment that regulates sebum secretion while purifying the skin’s pores. It will calm inflammation; tighten the pores, and leave your skin with a healthy glow.

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    Oxygenating & Stimulating $125 (75 min)

    A luxurious anti-pollution treatment that intensely hydrates the top layer of the epidermis softens and smoothens the skin, tightens pores, while brightening and unifying your complexion.

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    Delicate & Sensitive Skin $140 (75 min)

    An extremely soothing treatment is a concentrated source of instant, lasting comfort and freshness. It will calm any irritation while decreasing the appearance of redness. It is designed to protect, correct and boost the skin by strengthening delicate capillaries and evening the skin tone. It is ideal after aesthetic procedures such as laser, light therapy, and microdermabrasion.

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    Optimum Hydration $120 (60 min)

    An exceptionally hydrating treatment that is like a tall glass of water for your skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It will immediately produce a radiant complexion while relieving dryness and any feelings of tightness.

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    Optimum Lightening $145 (75 min)

    Skin will have an immediate brightening effect after this treatment. It reduces the appearance of the existing pigment spots and prevents from new ones forming. Evens out the complexion and reduces irregularities.

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    Resurfacing and Lifting $155 (90 min)

    Complete skin treatment that lifts, restructures, firms, hydrates and protects against exterior aggressions. Recommended for normal, oily, and thick skin. This sculpting facial uses innovative active ingredients with the most advanced skincare from Biologique Recherche Paris. It is a mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis using the Diatomic algae powder and Complex Amino Acids. It promotes the circulation, production of collagen and noticeably rejuvenates skin texture. The complexion is bright, pores are tightened, and skin texture is refined.

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    Soin Lissant $155 (75 min)

    Immediate reconditioning treatment for thing, sensitive, reactive skin or skin that is marked by time. This treatment targets sensitive, reactive, stressed and traumatized skin by employing its strong hydrating, renewing and protecting properties while expressing its unifying and calming qualities. The unique Biologique Recherche Application technique, made of sculpting movements, effectively combined with quick pulsing strokes, gives a structuring dimensions to this treatment.

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    Facial Remodeling $140 or 6/$750 (75 min) Add to any treatment for $95.00

    A favorite treatment among our clients, this revolutionary non-invasive, face-sculpting machine by Biologique Recherche, is the best anti-ageing, lifting and sculpting treatment for preventing the need for surgery. This is accomplished by three different simultaneous micro-currents, which will tone, tighten and shape facial muscles. It will immediately result in wider eyes, higher cheekbones, and better defining facial contour while promoting skin cell regeneration. Optimum results are best achieved by improving facial muscle memory with six weekly treatments then six bi-weekly treatments, followed by monthly treatment for maintenance.

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    Micro-Puncture Lab $250 (60 min)

    This technique is nearly painless. The needles used are sterile and for single use only. The obtained effects are the stimulation of intra-dermal collagen production and increased penetration of Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants.
    Contrary to mesotherapy rollers, Micro-Puncture Lab© does not lift the epidermis and therefore does not cause trauma. In addition, the needle application area, measuring about 1 cm in diameter, is significantly more accurate than a roller, enabling targeted and perfectly controllable results.

    • Revitalizes the epidermis while delivering a supplement of essential active ingredients.
    • Illuminates the complexion.
    • Stimulates tissue repair and reactivates the fiber production process, due to its high concentration in epidermal and dermal cytokines, with corrective action on wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Smooths and plumps up the epidermis.
    • Helps reduce cutaneous slackening due to the premature aging process.
    • Globally improves firmness.

    Eye Contour $50 (20 min) Add to any treatment for $35

    These treatments are customized for each client’s individual needs to correct sensitive skin, dark circles,puffiness or wrinkles, helping greatly to improve the oxygen supply. This will soothe and replenish theskin, reducing waste and toxins and any feelings of tightness while producing a prolonged, youthful appearance.

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    Lipid Restoration Treatment $125 (60 min)

    Ultra hydrating, lipid replenishing, protective and restorative facial treatment.Visibly repairs, restructures and restores the epidermis. Provides feeling of comfort upon application and throughout the day. Rebuilds epidermal lipids and strengthens the barrier effect of the hydro lipid film.

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    Triple Lift Treatment $320 (100 min)

    An exceptional sculpting treatment combining two reconditioning and face-lifting scrubs boosters and remodeling face machine. A complete treatment with outstanding results of intense restructuring of the face.

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    Makeover $60 (45 min)

    Enjoy the opportunity with an expert artist to explore the best possible look for your face (or enhance your current look) for every day or for a special occasion…

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    Make Up Lesson $75 (60 minutes)

    Experience a makeover along with a training session, which is designed to teach you the absolute best and most appropriate techniques to capture with continuity your best possible look.Includes skincare advice and optional tips for coordinating your hair and overall style.

  • Waxing And Shaping

    Eyebrows $15, Chin $12, Lip $10, Face $45

    Add Ons

    Biovacteur Masque- Energizing & Toning. Smoothen deep wrinkles $45

    Caviar Masque-Toning & Hydrating  $40

    Cold Masque-Soothing & Purifying $30

    Collagen Masque-Revitalizing, Pore Tightening & Hydrating $45

    Fruit Acid Peel-Exfoliating, Purifying, Renewing $54

    Paraffin Masque Plumping & Hydrating $20

    P50 Peel-Exfoliating, Firming & Unifying $54

Spa Policies

All cancellations require a 24-hour notification.
Cell phone use is not permitted.
Prices subject to change without notice.
No children under 10 allowed in the spa.


807 East Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
By appointment only

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